2018 Power supply unit with GPS

This updated power supply unit is functionally equivalent to the previous version but now housed in an extruded aluminum enclosure. Design details follow below.

Features include:

04 Sep 2018

PSU and GPS schematics

Schematics for the power supply board.

And GPS board

12 Aug 2018

Eagle CAD files and end panel design

Eagle CAD files for the power supply and GPS boards can be downloaded from here.

Design for the end panels:

10 Aug 2018


The PCBs fit inside the enclosure slots. Signals are wired from the molex connectors to the front mounted panel connectors.

Jumpers on the power supply board can be used to adjust the VLF signal level.

05 Aug 2018

FTDI serial cable

This FTDI serial cable can be used to configure and monitor the serial data from the GPS receiver. Software for the GPS receiver is available from SparkFun.

04 Aug 2018

12 Vdc supply

This AC/DC Wall mount power adapter from Digikey is suitable for supplying power.

04 Aug 2018