Running UltraMSK

Once you have received your license.dat.gz file, uncompress it and copy it into the UltraMSK directory.

[james@orchid tmp]$ mv license.dat.gz UltraMSK-1.1.5
[james@orchid tmp]$ cd UltraMSK-1.1.5/
[james@orchid UltraMSK-1.1.5]$ gunzip license.dat.gz 
[james@orchid UltraMSK-1.1.5]$ more license.dat 
Name: James Brundell
License: Evaluation
Expires: 2019-12-31

Key: A91D1C7A1F....

Use the to run the software. The script will start the vlfrx-tools soundcard sampler and then start one msk receiver process for each VLF station received. You will need to edit the script to specify the name of the soundcard device and to setup which stations to receive.

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