UltraMSK options

Running msk as shown below will display a list of command line options.

[james@orchid tmp]$ tar -zxvf UltraMSK-1.1.5.tar.gz 

[james@orchid tmp]$ cd UltraMSK-1.1.5/
[james@orchid UltraMSK-1.1.5]$ ./msk
UltraMSK. Version 1.1.5. Build Nov 30 2018.
Copyright 2005-2018 UltraMSK.com (info@ultramsk.com)
Receiver options:
-f [frequency]	: set receiver Frequency (Hz)
-b [baud rate]	: set MSK baud rate. Use 0 for CW. (default = 200 Hz)
-c [call sign]	: set station Call sign (default = MSK)
-r [resolution]	: set output Resolution (default = 1.0 seconds)
-o [directory]	: set data file Output directory (default = .)
-g [gain]	: set 1 PPS signal Gain (default = 1.0)

Audio sampling options:
-p [input]	: set input channel for 1 PPS signal (default = 1)
-s [input]	: set input channel for VLF Signal (default = 2)
-D [device]	: enable ALSA sampling using specified device
-F [sample rate]: set ALSA sampling rate (default = 96000 Hz)
-V [buffer]	: enable vlfrx-tools sampling

Output options:
-d 		: enable status output
-l 		: enable combined polar output (dB, degrees)
-m 		: output messages to a log file
-i 		: enable binary file format output
-h [site name]	: specify the site name to appear in the output file
-L [file prefix]	: output one minute summary file

Wideband output options (licensed feature):
-W [resolution/s]	: enable wideband power spectrum output
-U [frequency/Hz]	: set wideband power spectrum upper output frequency
-X [file prefix]	: set wideband output file prefix (default = UWB)

Advanced options:
-t [time/ms]	: set 1 PPS window (default = 0.950 ms)
-B [time/s]	: set sampling buffer length (default = 1 s)
-R 		: Enable real-time scheduling
[james@orchid UltraMSK-1.1.5]$

The main UltraMSK command line options are -f, -b, -c and -r:

sets the receiver centre frequency in Hertz eg. -f 19800, or -f 18600.000185
specify the MSK baud rate. Most stations are 200 baud but some are 100 baud
specify the signal call sign eg. -c NWC. The callsign is also used as the beginning of the data output file name eg. NWC20060704.txt
specify the data output time resolution

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