Complete preamplifier unit

The preamplifier unit must be mounted outside at the base of the antenna. A waterproof enclosure is required. The enclosure needs to have a temperature rating that matches the expected environmental range. Polycarbonate plastic enclosures are typical rated for service from -40 degC to +120 degC.

Pin out for the Amphenol Ecomate connector:

The center PE pin on the ecomate connector engages first. Use this for the 0 V GND connection. The VLF output signal is a balanced output requiring a 2 wire connection. Pins 3 & 4 can be left unconnected or used for additional ground connections. Alternatively they could be used for a secondary VLF signal output.

Pin number Signal description
1 +12 V DC input power
2 + VLF balanced signal output
4 GND or NC
5 - VLF balanced signal output
6 -12 V DC input power

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