Sound card

UltraMSK makes use of standard audio sound cards for data acquisition. You will need a sound card with enough input channels to connect each of your VLF antenna signals plus one additional channel to input the GPS 1 PPS signal. Thus for a single vertical electric field antenna, a standard 2 input channel sound card would be OK. For a setup with orthogonal VLF loop antennas, a multichannel card would be required. The sound card must be capable of sampling at either 48 kHz or 96 kHz and must use sigma-delta analog to digital converters.

Many computer motherboards have a built in sound card which may be suitable. PCI cards such as the Creative Audigy SE can be used. Suitable multichannel sound cards include the M-Audio Delta series. USB audio interfaces such as the Focusrite Scarllet range are another option.

UltraMSK uses the VLF Software Receiver Toolkit for data acquisition from the sound card. The Jack Audio Connection Kit or ALSA can also be used.

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