Copy your license.dat file into the UltraMSK directory

Once you have received your license.dat.gz file. Uncompress it and copy it into the UltraMSK directory.

[james@swan tmp]$ gunzip license.dat.gz
[james@swan tmp]$ cp license.dat UltraMSK-1.0.2-F17
[james@swan tmp]$ cd UltraMSK-1.0.2-F17/
[james@swan UltraMSK-1.0.2-F17]$ ls
license.dat msk msk.i386
[james@swan UltraMSK-1.0.2-F17]$ more license.dat
Name: Your Name
Organization: Your Organization
License: Evaluation
Expires: 2012-12-31
Key: A910048AC6....
[james@swan UltraMSK-1.0.2-F17]$

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