Running the software

Now check that the msk program runs and lists the program options.

[james@swan UltraMSK-1.0.2-F17]$ ./msk
UltraMSK. Version 1.0.2. Build Aug 18 2012.
Copyright 2005-2012 (
-f [frequency] : set receiver Frequency (Hz)
-b [baud rate] : set Baud rate (default = 200 Hz)
-c [call sign] : set station Call sign (default = MSK)
-r [resolution] : set output Resolution (default = 1.0 seconds)
-o [directory] : set data file Output directory (default = .)
-g [gain] : set 1 PPS signal Gain (default = 1.0)

Audio sampling options:
-p [input] : set input channel for 1 PPS signal (default = 1)
-s [input] : set input channel for VLF Signal (default = 2)
-n [name] : specify the jackd server Name
-D [device] : enable ALSA sampling using specified device
-F [sample rate]: set ALSA sampling rate (default = 96000 Hz)

Output options:
-d : enable status output
-l : enable combined polar output (dB, degrees)
-m : output messages to a log file
-i : enable binary file format output
-h [site name] : specify the site name to appear in the output file
-L [file prefix] : output one minute summary file
[james@swan UltraMSK-1.0.2-F17]$

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